Sunday, April 22, 2018
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A research tool like no other... over 900 schools in 54 countries

Welcome to AWN's Animation School Database. This section of AWN is home to our newly updated School Profile database system that lets you search through detailed listings on more than 900 schools that offer courses and programs in animation and related fields.

The Animation School Database is a fast, easy to use system for researching and finding information about animation education programs of all types. From complete degree programs to workshops and private training, you'll find it here. You can search Schools by name, location, program types, degrees offered and even do a keyword search through the entire database!

Make sure your school doesn't get left out - There's no better way to reach the student community!

Thousands of students access AWN's Animation School Database every month. For educators, there is no more direct way to reach the heart of the student and future student community. If your school isn't listed, click on the Create Profile button in the navigation bar on the left side of this page to get your program listed. Listings are absolutely free of charge, and they can be edited at any time, as often as you wish!

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