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School Profile For:

Capilano College

School Information

Capilano College
Animation - Digital & Classical
2055 Purcell Way
North Vancouver
British Columbia
V7J 3H5
(T) +(1) 604 983-7516
(F) +(1) 604 984 4985

General Email:
Web Address:

Contact Information

Main Program Contact:
Craig Simmons
Programs Coordinator
(T) +(1) 604 990 7854
(F) +(1) 604 984 4985

Program Information

Degree Categories:
Certificate, Diploma

Program Categories:
Character Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Multimedia/Games, Web Graphics/Design, Web Animation, Animation History/Theory, Vocational Training

Public or Private Institution:

Number of Students:
24 students per year

Number of Foreign Students:
no limit (currently 5 foreign students enrolled)

Teacher / Student Ratio:

Year Program First Started:

Cost Per Credit:
$79.10 (Canadian Dollars)

Fees / Tuition Information:
This public program is subsidized by the government of British Columbia and costs approximately $2,400(CD) per year for Canadian residents. International students pay an unsubsidized tuition of approximately $10,000 (CD) per year.

Is Financial Aid Available?

Financial Aid Information:
Capilano College offers scholarships and bursaries. Student assistance is provided by the British Columbia and Canada Student Loan programs. Local animation studios provide Capilano students with exclusive scholarships for academic excellence.

Entrance Requirements:
Twenty-four students are accepted annually in each program (Commercial and Digital)and must have excellent drawing skills. The selection of students is very competitive, due to the low tuition and continuing success of past graduates. Contact the Animation Department for details or visit the website.

Facilities / Equipment:
The department is designed to resemble a working animation studio. Each student has his/her work station which is accessible 17 hours per day. There are two adjoining classrooms (first and second year) equipped with dvd, vcr, large screen TV, laserdisc player, paper punch, telephone,social/screening area. Digital Pencil Test Systems (4 units for 44 students)using the Perception Video Recorder, Hi-8 video cameras, 21" monitors and VHS tape decks. During Animation classes, the ratio is 4 pencil test systems for 22 students. Computer Lab 1: 22 PC stations with 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and Flash. Digital Animation Program: 22 high end workstations running the latest versions of Softimage XSI, 3D Studio MAX and Maya.

Program Philosophy:
All programs are non-profit and some have subsidized tuition. The two year, Commercial Animation Program and the one year, post grad, Digital Animation progrma have one objective: assist the growth of quality animation through specialized and intensive training in industry procedures and personality animation. With a strong foundation in traditional skills covering all the creative jobs in animation and animation design, and a focus on fundamentals, our graduates are prepared to become tomorrow's supervisors and directors. The emphasis of the program is on character animation, although storyboards, layout design, character design, special effects animation and modeling and lighting are taught. Life Drawing for Animation is taught throughout the two year program and an active, Animation Life Drawing club hires models and meets twice per week.

Program Description:
Capilano College has an internationally recognized animation department, specializing in preparing students for careers in 2D, 3D, and Internet animation. Students have won national and international awards and grads can be found working at studios from Vancouver to England to Thailand.

Graduates are taught creative skills, preparing them for roles as directors and supervisors in animation production.

The animation department has recently been sought out by post-secondary schools in China and Malaysia and has partnered with them to design curriculum for their own animation programs.

Faculty Description:
The faculty are experienced animators and animation designers who teach part-time while continuing to work in their field. The Program also regularly receives guest lecturers from the animation industry (past international lecturers include guests from Dreamworks, Disney Feature Animation, CalArts, Fox Feature Animation and Warner Bros Feature Animation) who speak on various topics.

Alumni Information:
Capilano College grads are the most successful in western Canada and are regularly the first choice of local studios. They have worked on high level productions including "Space Jam", "Anastasia", "Prince of Egypt", "Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas", Iron Giant and "Joseph" for Dreamworks. They are currently working for such studios as Mainframe, Electronic Arts, Natterjack, Studio B, Bardel, Cinar (Montreal), Funbag(Ottawa) and Michael Mills (Montreal) and have worked on animated productions for Disney Interactive and Disney TV. Our students regularly place in the finals of the annual Teletoon competition and our placement rate of students finding work in the industry has consistantly been high.

Career Placement Information:
The annual grad show attracts recruiters from across Canada. During their final term, students work in an animation studio for one to two weeks. After graduation, students may continue to use facilities to update portfolios and demo-reels. Graduate work and links to graduates' personal websites can be found at .

Last Edited: Friday November 21, 2003

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