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School Profile For:

Gobelins - l'ecole de l'Image

School Information

Gobelins - l'ecole de l'Image
73 boulevard Saint-Marcel
(T) +(33) 1 40 79 92 12
(F) +(33) 1 40 79 92 35

General Email:
Web Address:

Contact Information

Main Program Contact:
Eric Riewer

Program Information

Degree Categories:

Program Categories:
Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Vocational Training

Number of Students:
25 per class for the three year program; 16 for the 1 year 3D animation course

Fees / Tuition Information:
For the school year 2003/2004, tuition fees are 1500 euros per year + 55 euros enrollment fees.

Entrance Requirements:
For the 3 year course, there is a one day entrance exam in the spring that evaluates drawing skills (model sheet exercise), drawing and narration skills (storyboard exercise), understanding of perspective and movement, and cultural knowledge including the specific field of animation.

Starting in 2004, there will be a special entrance exam for experienced animators who wish to join this course for the third year of specialization (classical animation and layout, or storyboard and design, or 3D animation).

For the 1 year 3D animation course, there is a 1/2 day entrance exam in the spring that evaluates drawing skills (model sheet exercise), computer knowledge and skills, and animation skills.

Program Philosophy:
Although the three year course covers a range of important skills in the production chain of animation films and series (design, storyboard, layout, etc), since the beginnings of the animation departement in 1974, Gobelins has given special attention to character animation skills.

Gobelins is a school operated by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As such, job placement is a major priority. Students are trained here in order to reach professional levels in their skills.

Program Description:
Gobelins is a media arts school (animation, web design, graphic arts, photography, video...).

Animation specialty: The animation department offers a 3 year program in classical and 3D animation, storyboard, layout, character well as a specialized 1 year course in 3D animation for exoerienced classical animators. There is also a 1 year course in animation film and TV series production.

Faculty Description:
In addition to a permanent teaching staff composed of former professionals in the animation industry, the majority of the classes are taught by working professionals who have made their mark in the profession.

End of the year juries are composed entirely of working professionals of the animation industry.

Last Edited: Monday July 12, 2004

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