Thursday, April 19, 2018
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School Profile For:

Center for Arts and Technology Okanagan

School Information

Center for Arts and Technology Okanagan
Animation Department
100-1632 Dickson Road
British Columbia
V1Y 7T2
(T) +(1) 250 8602787

General Email:
Web Address:

Contact Information

Main Program Contact:
Elaine McCredie
Registration Coordinator / Student Services
(T) +(1) 250 8602787

Program Information

Degree Categories:

Program Categories:
Cartooning, Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Graphic Design, Multimedia/Games, Web Graphics/Design, Web Animation, Voice Acting, Performance Animation, Animation History/Theory

Number of Students:

Number of Foreign Students:

Teacher / Student Ratio:

Year Program First Started:

Cost Per Credit:

Fees / Tuition Information:
approximatly CND$12K per 8 months

Is Financial Aid Available?

Financial Aid Information:
Goverment student loans and a variety of grants

Program Philosophy:
The Center for Arts and Technology is committed to providing quality training, using the latest technology, to prepare graduates for employment in the fast-growing and evolving information and entertainment technology industries.

Extensive studios and labs are just the beginning. Our vision is centered on established industry partnerships and a commitment to bringing the latest software and hardware into the classroom. Maya, SoftImage XSI, Flash, PhotoShop, Pro Tools, 5.1 Surround Sound: Students work with the same equipment as the pros.

Students retain the intellectual property rights to all the work they create while attending the Center for Arts and Technology. We do, however, retain the right to use student work for educational purposes and to publish student materials for the purpose of promoting the school and our students through demonstration, exhibition and advertising.

Student Expectations
What separates the Center for Arts and Technology from other institutions? Professionalism. Industry informs us that the key indicators of life-long success are attitude, team skills and a strong work ethic. We believe that they are just as important to success as exceptional technical and artistic skills. We work hard to stress the importance of good communication skills, a goal-oriented mindset and strong team skills. We encourage students to be adaptable, have a positive attitude and be accountable for their actions.

Faculty and Staff
We hire only the most outstanding instructors and staff. Our selection criteria includes professional experience, skill development, current interest and professional aspiration. Instructors must have excellent personal communication skills and natural teaching ability, which we supplement with in-house training. We conduct regular reviews of programs and instructors and an open-door policy allows for efficient problem-solving through constructive communication between students, instructors and staff.

To best serve the needs of our students, staff and instructors, the Center for Arts and Technology, Okanagan may deem it necessary to alter, eliminate and/or add to the contents of this website. The descriptions included in this publication, as with all Center for Arts and Technology printed and online materials, are general overviews intended for informational purposes only. For specific and up-to-date details regarding any topic discussed, please consult the school directly.

Last Edited: Monday June 02, 2003

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