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School Profile For:

Digital Magic Visuals (I) Ltd

School Information

Digital Magic Visuals (I) Ltd
15-Muthu Ramalingam Street
Chennai (Madras)
Tamil Nadu
(T) +(91) 44 23767207
(F) +(91) 44 23767307

General Email:
Web Address:

Contact Information

Main Program Contact:
Arul Marappan
Managing Director
(T) +(91) 98407 82273
(F) +(91) 98407 23767307

Program Information

Degree Categories:
Certificate, Diploma

Program Categories:
Character Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Graphic Design, Workshops, Distance Learning, Online Courses

Public or Private Institution:

Number of Students:
10 per batch

Entrance Requirements:
There is no minimum required, but the student should be able to read the english Menus in the software. But most important, is the love for this creative profession. Having an artistic skill like drawing, painting is an added advantage, but not a must.

Facilities / Equipment:
Digital Intermediate
Film Scanner
Film Recorder
Smoke Online Editing
3D Computer Graphics
Visual Effects
Non-Linear Editing
Chromakey shooting floor

Program Philosophy:
Not a Simulated, but a real production atmosphere under which the students will be taught. The real industry professionals, who love to teach the tips and tricks of the industry are the tutors. The students are given real projects to practice their skills and if the work is found to be usefull, they can be rewarded too. Students are given part-time employment as they get ready to do simple tasks, they get the much needed experience certificate from Digital Magic studio, which gives them a great advantage while applying for the job.
Real Projects - Real Learning

Program Description:
Digital Magic Visuals (I) Ltd, is a active player in the film visual effects, Television post-production work in Chennai (Madras), India. With 10 years of existance, Digital Magic has been an innovative post-production company achieving many milestones in the industry. It is commitment to the client satisfaction well known in the industry, and we keep having the clients coming back again and again for their projects.

Faculty Description:
The Faculties are the real industry professionals who work in the industry projects regularly. This allows them to pass the knowledge, to the students, as they know what the industry requirements are.

Career Placement Information:
Digital Magic studio is a very active player in the local film industry, as well an animation company handling outsourced works. It has a wide industry contacts which is usefull for the students when they are searching for the job. Also the care is taken that the students showreels have unique projects and materials so the chances of them ending up the job is very high.

Last Edited: Friday April 21, 2006

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