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School Profile For:

Art Institute of Phoenix

School Information

Art Institute of Phoenix
2233 W. Dunlap Ave.
United States
(T) +(1) 800 474-2479
(F) +(1) 602 216-0439

General Email:
Web Address:

Program Information

Degree Categories:
AA, Diploma, BA/BS/BFA

Program Categories:
Character Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Graphic Design, Multimedia/Games, Web Graphics/Design, Web Animation, Workshops, Online Courses

Number of Students:

Number of Foreign Students:

Teacher / Student Ratio:

Cost Per Credit:

Fees / Tuition Information:
Tuition is $315 per credit hour. School-sponsored housing costs are in addition to tuition. Through a special arrangement with select apartment complexes close to the school, The Art Institute of Phoenix can offer students the opportunity to live in furnished apartments with rent that includes the utilities. Students share these apartments with others studying at The Art Institute of Phoenix, and they are located just 1 mile from the school.

Is Financial Aid Available?

Financial Aid Information:
Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. The Art Institute of Phoenix participates in federal, state, and other financial aid programs.

Financial aid is divided into three general categories: gift aid, loans, and work-study. Gift aid includes grants, scholarships, and other benefits that do not have to be repaid. Loans need to be repaid, but repayment can usually be delayed until several months after the student leaves school.

The Art Institute of Phoenix participates in the Federal Work-Study Program and also assists students in finding part-time jobs in the community.

Entrance Requirements:
An Assistant Director of Admissions is usually one of the first people prospective students speak with at The Art Institute of Phoenix. This person meets with students to talk about their future goals and assists them in navigating the admissions process. The Admissions Office will set up an appointment for a tour.

For admission to The Art Institute of Phoenix, students are evaluated on the basis of previous education, background, and having demonstrated an interest in one of the programs. Portfolios are encouraged but not required.

As part of the application process, applicants are required to independently conceive and write an essay of approximately 150 words stating how their education at The Art Institute Phoenix will help them to attain their career goals.

Successful admission into The Art Institute of Phoenix and a satisfactory program start is dependent on: 1) the level of accomplishment exhibited in the essay, 2) all grade point averages as evidenced through transcript evaluation, 3) evaluation of GED scores, 4) a review of the results of any nationally-based exams (preferred but not required) such as the SAT or ACT and, 5) a personal interview with an Assistant Director of Admissions.

The Art Institute of Phoenix programs are technical in nature; therefore, international students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language and satisfy all admissions requirements and procedures. The English language requirement is met when an applicant has submitted proof of a score of 480 or better on the TOEFL or has completed level 108 at an ESL Language Center or a recognized equivalent.

To arrange an interview or obtain more information, prospective students should contact: The Art Institute of Phoenix,
2233 West Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85021,
Telephone: 602-678-4300 (local),800-474-2479 (toll-free)
World Wide Web:

Program Philosophy:
The Art Institute of Phoenix offers programs in four areas: design, media arts, culinary arts, and animation. The specific degree programs and specializations within those programs are as follows: A.A.S. in Culinary Arts; B.A. in Game Art & Design, Graphic Design, Digital Media Production, Interior Design, Media Arts & Animation, Multimedia & Web Design and Visual Effects & Motion Graphics; and diplomas in Baking & Pastry and in The Art of Cooking.

These programs are offered on a year-round basis, enabling students to work continually toward their degrees. The faculty members, many of whom are working professionals, strengthen student skills and cultivate their talents through well-designed curricula.

Each program of study has its own technology needs.

The Media Arts & Animation Program rely heavily on PC-platform computers and software used to produce 3-D animation, 2-D ink-and-paint, digital paint, and compositing effects.

Game Art & Design students use much of the same equipment as the Media Arts & Animation, with additional tools that allow game prototyping and simulations.

Graphic Design students have access to MacIntosh as well as PC platforms to produce camera-ready and final copies of design projects.

Interior Design students work with PC-based computers and high-quality software to produce their design plans and renderings.

Multimedia & Web Design students concentrate on designing and producing interactive disks that may be educational, commercial, or entertaining in nature.

Digital Media Production uses program-specific technologies to create, develop, and deliver content. Knowing how to combine traditional production techniques with digital tools is the key to success. It is a career where creativity and technology come face to face with the future. Digital Media Production students have a full television studio and control room at their command along with editing suites to complete their work.

Our newest bachelor's degree program, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, offers students the opportunity to acquire skills in a specialization that focuses on communication arts for film, television and the Web. By combining graphic design, filmmaking, animation and sound, graduates of the program will be qualified to create attention-grabbing visuals that inform and entertain.

Program Description:
The Art Institute of Phoenix was established in 1995 as a private postsecondary school and is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

The mission of The Art Institute of Phoenix is to accomplish its vision by providing employers with quality skilled graduates prepared by experienced faculty using market-driven curricula.

At The Art Institute of Phoenix, students learn how to use program-specific technology to bring their creative career goals to life. When they graduate, they have the specialized skills and competencies employers seek.

As of Fall 2002, there were 1,218 students attending the school seeking Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees or diplomas. There are 761 men and 457 women enrolled, of whom 1,054 are full-time and 164 are part-time students. The average class size is 19 students, and the faculty-student ratio is 1:19.

The Art Institute of Phoenix was recognized by The Arizona Private School Association as the

Faculty Description:
The Art Institute of Phoenix offers personal attention from knowledgeable, and professional instructors. Many of the faculty members are working professionals who bring practical knowledge and real-world experience to the classroom. The Art Institute of Phoenix faculty members are available for student appointments and to discuss academic issues. They offer tutoring to those students in need of extra help.

Alumni Information:
Information About Alumni Association The Art Institute of Phoenix alumni enjoy continuing activities that support the professional networking crucial to career-oriented graduates. An annual alumni party brings together the graduates from all programs in an evening of fun and festivities.

As the Alumni Association grows, it is hoped that activities for graduates will also expand. Some activities that have been discussed include: an alumni art exhibit, an alumni newsletter, and alumni mentoring programs. Alumni may continue to update their resume and work with the Student Services Department for career assistance post-graduation. Workshops and continuing education classes may also be offered from time to time.

Career Placement Information:
Careers In today's competitive job market, having the right skills is critical to your success. Our partnership with local and national employers helps us to develop and deliver industry-current education programs that benefit both students and employers.

With our Career Services office, guidance continues before and after graduation. Our graduates are employed by some of the most prominent companies in the Phoenix area and beyond, such as: Digital Domain, Channel 12-KPNX, FG Squared Multimedia, Honeywell, Marriott Corporation, The Biltmore, Phoenix magazine, Rhino Productions, Rainbow Studios, Westwood Studios, Crystal Dynamics, Sheraton Crescent, Myers Entertainment Group, Cinema Digital, Imagery.

Pursuing a degree and planning for a career is thrilling, entails hard work, and can be stressful. Our professional staff is here to help you sort it all out. We can direct you to a variety of awareness and support services.

Last Edited: Wednesday January 21, 2004

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