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School Profile For:

Hogeschool Gent - K.A.S.K

School Information

Hogeschool Gent - K.A.S.K
Architecture, Audiovisual and Fine Arts
Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2
Academiestraat 2
(T) +(32) 9 2660885
(F) +(32) 9 2660881

General Email:
Web Address:

Contact Information

Main Program Contact:
Jean Marie Demeyer

Program Information

Degree Categories:

Program Categories:
Cartooning, Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Web Graphics/Design, Workshops

Public or Private Institution:

Number of Students:
animation course; 65 (rest of the school approx. 1100 students and 170 faculty)

Number of Foreign Students:

Teacher / Student Ratio:

Fees / Tuition Information:
approx. usd 500

Entrance Requirements:
Entrance examination during two subsequent working days (seperate sessions in july and september). candidates should present their portfolio and audiovisual works on video, cd rom, dvd,... an interview examining motivation and general intrests. visual design and drawing skills will be examined.

Facilities / Equipment:
A Fully equipped Foley and recording studio and soundstage; digital and analogue (2 and 16track) recording equipment including Nagra, TEAC, Otari, tascam and revox reel to reel decks. Several soundscape workstations. Akai DR8 hard disk recorder, several microphones and headsets. Film 2 rostrum 35 mm camera

Program Philosophy:
The animation course is a full time program at the Royal Academy of fine Arts, Ghent. One of the oldest and largest art schools in Belgium. Founded in 1751 as a municipal school for drawing and architecture (Art nouveau icon Victor Horta studied here) it developed into one of the most significant centres of art education in Europe, attracting artists from as far as Japan, Senegal, Kenya, United States, Israel and China. Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer, contemporary artists Wim Delvoye or Johan Grimonprez all received their degrees from the Ghent Art College.The animation course was established as early as 1966 by Raoul Servais. In fact his school was the first European program of its kind. Although the emphasis has always been on artistic animation, several alumni were quite successful in commercial animation. Servais alumnus Eric Ubben was appointed dean in 1999 and the school was ranked among the five best animation programs worldwide during the Ottawa Animation festival in 2001.

Faculty Description:
Course leader; Jean-Marie Demeyer Subject leader; Geert Vergauwe Course lecturers and professors;geert clarisse,luc degryse, piet de rycker, carl van isacker, suzanne maes, ren

Alumni Information:
Piet De Rycker, Paul Demeyer (rugrats, duckman), Dirk Van de Vondel (State of the Art), Noureddin Zarrinkelk, Tim Crawfurd, Jan Van Buyten, Fr

Other Pertinent Information:
3 prix Premiere oeuvre at the Annecy filmfestival (Ann Vrombaout, Daniel Schelfthout and Hans Spilliaert) Young animation awards Stuttgart (Marion Thibau, Rob Breyne)Prices in Zagreb, Espinho, Ottawa, Gent, Brussels, Odense

Last Edited: Tuesday July 20, 2004

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