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School Profile For:


School Information

The South African School for Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance
41 Frost St.
Auckland Park
South Africa
(T) +(27) 011 4828354
(F) +(27) 011 4828347

General Email:
Web Address:

Contact Information

Main Program Contact:
June Kotze
(T) +(27) 011 4828354
(F) +(27) 011 4828347

Program Information

Degree Categories:

Program Categories:
Cartooning, Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Fine Art, Voice Acting, Performance Animation, Animation History/Theory, Vocational Training

Number of Students:

Teacher / Student Ratio:

Year Program First Started:

Cost Per Credit:
R 34,800.00

Fees / Tuition Information:
The Fees might sound expensive but you definately get your money's worth. Fees are payable in 3 different payment plans. Registration Fee 750.00 (Applicable to first time AFDA Students ) Foreign Registration Fee 1,250.00 (Applicable to Non-African Students) PLAN A PLAN B PLAN C First Year 33,800.00 35,490.00 36,166.00 Second Year 34,300.00 36,015.00 36,701.00 Third Year 35,400.00 37,170.00 37,878.00 Fourth Year (Honours) 34,300.00 36,015.00 36,701.00

Entrance Requirements:
A National certificate Grade 12.

Facilities / Equipment:
AFDA 35mm camera packages includes:

Mitchel Camera
Aaton Camera
Arri III
Arri BL2

The Auxilliary Gear includes:

Matt Boxes
Follow Focus
Video takeoff
Assorted lenses
Tripod heads/Tripod legs
Extended eye-pieces
Light boxes for drawing
2D Animation.
Aura @D Computer Animation/SFX Software.
3D Studio Max Animation/SFX Software.
Combustion - compositing, manipulating footage; and for rendering movies made out of 3D Max objects.
After Effects - 2D
Motion Graphic Software.
Works in conjunction
with Photoshop.
Also used for
Photoshop - Image
Manipulation and Designing

Program Description:

To develop an institution that meaningfully contributes to South African nation building and rewards all stakeholders through providing a stimulating and internationally recognized tertiary learning experience, which empowers learners with competitive professional skills levels, thereby creating a pool of highly talented graduates that will grow an economically viable South African entertainment industry and in so doing provide an excellent return on investment for all shareholders through profitable growth of the company.

Faculty Description:
AFDA faculty are some of the best profesionals that have worked in the industry itself and they know what it takes to make it

Alumni Information:
YEAR: 1998
1998: Shmerah Passchier: Director, Fingerprint Filmmakers, Director Zoo Productions. (M-Net and DSTV) Geraas
1998: Charmaine Greyling (bursary student) Editor: DSTV. Head Editor M-Net and The Zoo.
Editor- The Refinery (Edit-Box)
1998: Crysty Swift: Producer - Upstream Productions
1998: Tessa Davies: Editor- Ochestra Blue, Best Editor 2002(South African Guild of Editors)

YEAR: 1999
1999: Carol Singo: (bursary student) Production Design- Toastie Show and Isidingo, Props Buyer and Co-Ordinator, Back Stage
1999: Robert Malpage: Cinematographer - Pam Devereaux Harris. Yizo Yizo 2. Crystal Award for Granny Lee. Vusi Mahlasela Music Video. D.O.P .on first high definition film produced in South Africa. Freelancing
1999: Corlia Gericke: Editor Ochestra Blue.
1999: Martha Sibanyoni (bursary student) Production Design- Pam Devereaux Harris
Set Dresser Yizo Yizo 2. Commercial and Corporate production designer,
Art Department - Backstage. Freelancing as a wardrobe Stylist for the "Puremonate Show"
1999: Karen Bosch: Editor -Visual Assault, Editor- Terraplane, Lecturer at AFDA (JHB)
1999: Trevor Clarence- Writer Producer Bobby Heaney and Gatehouse Productions, Commercials director Terraplane Productions. Director- Writer Jackass (MTv)
1999: Jason Basson: Editor- Ochestra Blue, Henry and Edit Box Editor - Videolab.
1999: Greg Viljoen: Playwright/ director / actor- Big Ouks and SOS for eTv. Junior Lecturer in Narrative at AFDA. Avanti Nomination for Big Ouks. Writing and Directing for Rapid Blue Productions. Promo Director/ Writer. Actor- Cape of Good Hope , Creative Director @C2.
1999: Jason Ferreira: Cinematographer- Lecturer at AFDA (2001) Commercial and corporate cinematographer.
1999: David Golden: Director, New Media, Commercials. Director-Fresh Eye Films.
1999: Mark Sidelsky: Director Fresh Water Productions. Nominated as one of the TOP TWENTY YOUNG DIRECTORS OF THE FUTURE at the Cannes Festival 2002.

YEAR: 2000
2000: Michelle Wheatley: Head Producer- Pam Devereaux Harris, promoted to head producer for Channel O.DV8, The Flyer - Producer, IMG Films - Producer
2000: Norman Maake: Director, feature -Soldiers of the Rock, Vusi Mahlasela music video, new 52 part series for SABC for Curios Pictures. Writing and Directing for Terraplane Films. Developing Second Feature Film Londonbridge
2000: Mosese Semenya: Directing- Devereaux Harris Freelance -Director.
2000: Natalie Haarhoff- Cinematographer, feature -Soldiers of the Rock. First unit on "Stander"(Feature Film)
2000: Jo-Anne Gibbon: Editor- feauture - Soldiers of the Rock, Editor Zoo Productions and M-Net's Big Brother.Editor- Fear Factor, Reality TV Show.
2000: Darren Gordon: Junior Lecturer and Producer, feature Soldiers of the Rock, Sitcom Pilot for M-Net Edit Competition, Bachelor Pad. Commercials Producer at Freshwater Films, Producer Commercials- Freshwater Films.
2000: Garreth Fradgley: 2 and 3d Animator, Videolab, casting director, Terraplane Films, Avanti GoldAward winner for TKZEE animation in professional category.
2000: James Adey: Freelance Cinematographer
2000: Iain McKenzie: Colourist, The Videolab, lead singer Zen Arcade.
2000: Michael Lewis: Producer and lead actor of Playboys. Production Manager and Resident Light Designer of the LIBERTY THEATRE on the square.
2000: Debbie Berman: Editor, Pam Devereaux Harris, Zoo Productions M-Net, Rhapsody Films. Editor.
2000: Andrew Frater: Stand -up Comedian, Agent -Jo-Parker, writer of Bachelor Pad.
2000: Vanessa Frost: Touring Actor, Defending the Cave Woman. Co-founder and Producer of Frosty Lemon Productions. Cooperate Theatre.

2000: Emma Peirson: Writer- Director, Defending the Cavewoman, Co-founder of Frosty Lemon Productions.Doing Cooperate Theatre and TV Shows.
2000: Phumi Mkhwanazi: Producer- Network Advertising. ex Logos Producer
2000: Lineo Sekeleoane: Producer - Peter Ndoro Productions. Mnet Producer K-TV
2000: Amy Allais: Editor Terraplane Films, Editor Zoo Productions, M-Net and DSTV.
2000: Tyron Janse van Vuuren: Commercials Director, Terraplane Films.
(Avanti Gold- Best Animation)
2000: Deryn Verner: Production co-ordinator -Chris Fellows, Sasani.
2000: Craig Jackson: Vita Award winner for Best newcomer Actor- Playboys.Recently starred in Pieter Toeiens "MOUSE TRAP"
2000: Tessa Singo: Make -up artist, Freelance. Production Co-Ordionator on Backstage (eTV), Recently moved to Rapid Blue-Production Assistant and Trainee Executive Producer.
2000: Thandi Puren- Actress Sewendelaan, Ietermago (13 Part Series- M-Net/ Kyknet), Dead Easy feature film, 2003, Racing Stripes feature film Warner Bros, 2003.
2000: Talai Rabinowitz: Casting Director at Contractors

YEAR: 2001
2001: Aidan Lithgow- Freelance Director
2001: Jacobus Roos- Teaching Film Studies at Queens College , Lecturing Film Studies at Wits University, Writer/ Director -Short Film for The Gay & Lesbian Coalition.
2001: Boitumelo Moroka: Freelance Cinematographer
2001: Sean Pretorius- Freelance Art Director
2001: Wickus Stridjom- Freelance Director
2001: Henk Ekermans- Editor, Ietermago, Editor - Spectra Productions
2001: Anikesh Ramani- Commercials Producer - Terraplane
2001: Ziyanda Ngcaba- Producer- World Cup Cricket, Opening Ceremony, DV8 Junior Producer
2001: Bernard Botha- Freelance Set Designer, Interior and Exterior Design and Founder of Raw productions
2001: Jenalle du Plessis- Editor,Image Bank
2001: Henri Kriel- Actor: Egoli, Freelance Actor and going to work as Commentator at Oudtshoorn (2003)
2001: Thulani Khumalo: Cinematographer: Opti Media (Namibia), Freelance Cinematographer
2001: Margeaux Britz: Editor- Ukhamba Productions
2001: Tongai Furusa- Editor- Devereaux Harris
2001: Diaan Lawrenson- Owner/ Director of Fusion Productions. Starred in EGOLI and new Kyk- Net presenter. Cell C - Adverts.
2001: Kristy Suttner- Owner /Director of Fusion Productions.
(Client base includes Daimler - Chrysler South Africa, Sasol, The Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and SABC.) Directed and wrote 6 inches.
2001: Marian Kunonga: Editor, ZBC (Zimbabwe)
2001: Evyathar Katz- Editor- Mann Made Media.
2001: Ksheka Singh - Assistant Producer- Moonlighting, Assistant Producer - BBC London Current Affairs Television.
2001: Collen Maluleke- Production Manager-Jumping Dust
2001: David Pienaar- Freelance Cinematographer- shot a short story on 35mm for Videolab, Cinematographer on Bloodhunt.

YEAR: 2002
2002: Barbara Seane- Researcher, Terraplane
2002: Mammitsi Thibedi- Researcher (Documentaries) Porcupine Production House
2002: Michelle Venter- Production Designer (Freelance), did Production Design for Ringo Madlinkosi's Music Video (2002) and for Brenda Fassie (2003), Art Director for Clive Morris Productions, on "Jozi Streets"
2002: Danie Bester - Freelance Director, Recently directed Bloodhunt.
2002: Dean Blumberg - Researcher at Fresh Water Films
2002: Calvin Lebethe- Production Co-Ordinator, Channel O
2002: Lusanda Chauke- Production Facilitator- Endemol, Head of Research- Ochre Media
2002: Crystal Munitich - Producer - (Six) 6 Inches (Oudtshoorn)
2002: Rosanne Nixon - Freelance Actress, Stage Managing for Stok.
2002: Berkin Eric - Orchestra Blue- Editor

2002: Matthew Vince - Devereaux Harris- Editor
2002: Marc Echstein - Sound Designer on Feature Film, Soldiers of the Rock.
2002: Jessica Clare- Internship (Terraplane, General Post Production)????
2002: Stephen Simm- Casting assistant - Huge Casting
2002:Thabane Maja- Production Manager- Picture House
2002: Tom Marais- Short Commercials for SABC, Music Videos, shot a music video in Uganda on DVD for Lucky Dube
2002: Michael Leor-Lever - Velocity Films - Producer
2002: Boitumelo Masemola- Singer on African Footprint
2002: Michelle Venter, HOD, Art Department, ETV, Set Designer "Scandal"
Art Director "Scandal"

YEAR: 2003
2003: Faith Nyathi - Freelance Editor
2003: Jessica Claire - Freelance Editor
2003: Gianfranco Human - Production Co-Ordinator (AFDA)
2003: Sheilla Kubheka - Director (Commercials) Suburban Films, Working on a Heart Foundation commercial by LOWE BULL(advertising agency), training with Penguin film for multi cam directing.(Will be shooting a drama series for penguin film)
2003: Helena Radley - Drama Teacher, AT Strydom Drama School
2003: Avon Middleton- Co-owner of Phat Cats Film Productions - Producer.
2003: Justin Head - Co-owner of Phat Cats Films - Director
2003: Basiami Segola - Sound Designer - Phat Cat Films
2003: CA van Aswegen - Freelance Editor
2003: Adam Thal - One of 2 young South Africans Invited to Berlinale Talent Campus (as part of 500 young filmmakers around the world) Star Productions (Owner)
Opened own company called Star Productions
2003: Sizwe Mzolo - Ochre Media, Zola 7
2003: Kim Muirhead - Production Manager, Packed House Productions
2003: Rudi Steyn - Freelance Director, Currently writing feature film
2003: Roxanne Kesson - Actress, Heat Casting
2003: Lauren Richards - Researcher, Threshold Films
2003: Larissa Peters - Freelance Production Designer, shot a corporate for Nestle through Tangerine Films.
2003: Richard Thwaites - Freelance Directing, Worked with Star Productions, Studio
Zoo, Busvannah Communications and others, 10X10sec commercials (Star Productions),
Developing TV series: "South African Odysseys", Developing Feature film (Story research and writing), Directing - Threshold Collective, Current projects: Commercials - 2 X long format TV series
2003: Mzwandile Ngubeni - Starred in a Polish (Poland) Movie, Backstage (Etv) and Jozi Streets (Etv)
2003: Owen Swanson - Caesars Gauteng, MC Extraodinaire, Freelance Actor
2003: Shereen Knox - Campaign Manager, Creative Counsel.
2003: Luke Rous - Actor on E-TV sitcom, UNICITY,Sitcom Writer for UNICITY,Creative Director - REDD COLE productions
2003: Ryan Poole - Co-Owner and Producer for Star Productions
2003: Kate Liebenberg - Honours Motion Picture Producing, Freelance Production Co-ordinator, Worked on Short Film for Signals Media Art - London.

YEAR: 2004
2004: Lehlohonolo Lucky "Shaft " Moropane - Directing, Screenplay, employed as a commercial director with moonlighting/blender films, pitching for a 5fm advertisement and shooting 2 psa and pre production for a short film.

Last Edited: Tuesday September 06, 2005

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