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School Profile For:

Animedia Arts

School Information

Animedia Arts
3D Animation
278/3, Elephant Road
4th Floor
(T) +(880) 2 9676916
(F) +(880) 2 9675772

General Email: info@amediarts.con
Web Address:

Contact Information

Main Program Contact:
Md. Rafiqul Islam
(T) +(880) 2 8631245
(F) +(880) 2 9676916

Program Information

Degree Categories:
Certificate, Diploma

Program Categories:
Cartooning, Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Multimedia/Games, Web Animation, Voice Acting, Performance Animation, Animation History/Theory, Workshops, Kid's Programs, Private Training, Vocational Training

Number of Students:

Number of Foreign Students:

Teacher / Student Ratio:

Year Program First Started:

Cost Per Credit:
5,000.00 BDT

Fees / Tuition Information:
The program fees are vary from course-course. Please contact for fees 00880-1713-066590.

Entrance Requirements:
Must have a high-school degree with the sense of artistic visualization.

Program Philosophy:
Animedia Arts is the Animation and Film production company dreamed by a rational dreamers team and started by mixing of talented and creative professionals. The team with Creative Blend. The team wants to make a revolution in this animation industry and trying to pull the imagination in Animation style.

Animedia Arts is a leading Animation and Film production company in Bangladesh with expanding it's horizon across whole creation of God making it's name globally.

Program Description:
Animedia Arts is the most successful animation and visual effects content creator and producer in Bangladesh.
We have been working on media-entertainment and especially in 3D animation and visual effects development field since 2005.
We have produced more then 3,000 minutes of animated content in various fields including ad film, edutainment, animated short film, public awareness program, animated drama series and architectural visualizations for different local and foreign corporate.
Our services also include Theatrical Distribution, Film Scanning, Film Recording, Digital Restoration and Non Linear Editing.
Animedia Arts is also developing manpower in the media-entertainment and Animation field which makes us stronger to bit the world market with unbeatable cost efficiency and skilled resources.

Faculty Description:
The country's best faculty working with Animedia Arts.

Career Placement Information:
We provide opportunity to the deserving candidate to work with us, and job placement to others as per their merit, talent and dedication.

Last Edited: Tuesday August 26, 2008

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