Saturday, April 21, 2018
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How best to use the Animation School Database

There are two main sections of the database. The first section is the search and display mechanism that lets you find and view School Profiles according to different search criteria. The second section is the School Profile maintenance system, where school administrators create and edit their School Profiles.

Most of you will be researching schools. The buttons and pull-down menus on the left-side navigation bar let you search through the database as follows:

  • The Search Schools button performs a keyword search of the entire database. Use single or partial words for your search, such as "comp" to find "computer".
  • The Find a School buttons let you list schools by the first letter of the school's name, the country and city/state location of the school, as well as a complete alphabetical listing of the entire school database.
  • The Courses/Programs buttons let you list schools according to the categories of classes and programs of study they provide. All courses and programs are broken down into 9 categories, each of which is represented by a button choice.
  • The Degrees Offered buttons let you list schools according to the degrees they offer. Many schools only offer non-degree courses, so you need to look at "None" or "Other" for a complete picture of availability.
  • The Profile Maintenance section provides buttons for creating a new School Profile, as well as editing, displaying and deleting an existing profile. All profiles are password protected. If you are an administrator at a school, and you've lost your account information, click on the Retrieve ID button to request a new password.

    If you have additional questions that haven't been answered, feel free to contact:

    Dan Sarto
    Animation World Network
    6525 Sunset Blvd. Garden Suite 10
    Hollywood, CA 90028, USA
    Telephone: (323) 606 4234
    (323) 466 6619

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